Meeting Bill Clinton

bill clinton


On Friday afternoon , Mrs Buchanan, Mrs McKay and Mr Huxley were invited to a panel discussion on global education which was chaired by  Bill Clinton. The discussion, hosted by GEMS education centered on how to improve outcomes for pupils around the world by training teachers well.

As we plan our next project with Iponga School, Malawi, it was serious food for thought and it confirmed to us that supporting other Southwark Schools to build capacity to improve teaching and learning was be most effective type of outreach work.

In the words of Mr Clinton

‘talent is evenly spread across the world and so are dreams!’



4 thoughts on “Meeting Bill Clinton

  1. How Fabulous. What a week. In the last wee two of my children have been working with the Globe Theatre, and the other is visiting the Royal Institution today. So lucky to get these great opportunities,

  2. Wow! How great the Teachers had this opportunity; he’s an inspirational Speaker. So wish I had been there to hear him too..!

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