Southwark Vocal Magic

On Friday 4th April, the Year 5/6 choir performed alongside other Southwark Schools in ‘Southwark Vocal Magic’. The mass choir was led by Singology and the event was made possible by Southwark Music Services. Thank you to the talented Ms Rhys Evans and her team of committed teachers who supported the choir so magnificently. We hope that all the families who attended the concert at The Queen Elizabeth Hall enjoyed this wonderful event as much as we did.

Here is an extract from the performance of one of our children’s favourite song, ‘Roar!’

Here is a short clip of of Ms Rhys Evans, Ms Livett, Ms Foster and Mr Bakas singing ‘Lean on Me!’

Well done to all of you!

One thought on “Southwark Vocal Magic

  1. The perfomance was excellent, a lot of hard work & effort by all involved. It was fantastic to watch & to see so many of the charles Dicken staff in the audiance showing their support, Well done!

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