Big Friend, Little Friend

This week has been friendship week at CDPS and the highlight is always ‘big friend, little friend’ when our oldest children partner up with our very youngest for an afternoon of sharing books, playing game and being made to feel special. For the older children, it is a chance to be caring and generous and to exemplify the values of the school to a younger child – they all feel very grown up and proud. For the younger children, it is often a highlight of their term, as a trusting and warm relationship with an ‘big boy’ or ‘big girl’  often makes transitions up the school easier and gives our younger pupils the confidence to join in with clubs and activities with older year groups.

For everybody, a school where friendships transcend age groups and gender makes for a very happy school!

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One thought on “Big Friend, Little Friend

  1. Thanks for taking the time to share these lovely photos of cross year-group friendships. Our children love it. It can’t be easy finding the time to organize all these important, but extra, things. Thank you!

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