International Evening – How lucky we are!

Thank you to everyone who came to the international evening and an extra special thank you to the mums, dads, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, friends of the school who made and shared a dish and the staff who made the evening happen.

The food was planned to be the focus and in many ways it was, with dishes from all around the world, lovingly made and absolutely delicious, each one of them and the food just kept arriving. It isn’t often that you can eat Moroccan chicken alongside Russian dumplings, Maldivian samosas and Japanese sushi!

The rain stayed away and we listened to Steel Pans from Trinidad and Tobago, an African Storyteller, Mr Huxley’s ‘Global Disco’,a marmite.v. vegemite challenge,a folk group ( thank you Henry’s dad) and a string quartet. Had we have spotted the Morris Dancers on Lant Street a little bit earlier, they would have been invited in too!

As families shared food and tables and the sound of conversation and happy children ( delighted to be ‘staying up late’) filled the main playground, we realised that the real star of the evening was our rather special and wonderful school community (children, families and staff). What a fabulous group of people you are!

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2 thoughts on “International Evening – How lucky we are!

  1. Tasting challenge was Vegemite v. Marmite v. Cenovis (the lesser known Swiss equivalent). We expected the locally known and loved Marmite to be the most popular, but Vegemite came in as the clear winner, with Cenovis and Marmite almost exactly neck and neck behind.

    1. It was a brilliant taste challenge! Well done team Vegemite! Thank you Jeremy for organising this.

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