Drama is uniquely placed as a subject taught across all areas of the school curriculum. Used as a creative platform to enable, enrich and enliven subjects from English to PSHCE. For example, in History, children use role play to immerse themselves in the personal experiences of those living during historically important times. Children relish opportunities to explore their imagination and capability for play through drama.

Following a two-year project with Shakespeare’s Globe, we are proud to have our annual Summer of Shakespeare. Every class from Reception to Year 6 learns about a Shakespeare play in the Summer Term. They explore the characters, plot, themes and language through storytelling, role play and drama games. By the time the children leave, they will have learnt about seven Shakespeare plays, equipping them for English at secondary school and beyond.

Across the school, all children have the opportunity to act and perform with their peers. A real highlight is seeing our Key Stage 2 children performing in our ‘Dickens at Dickens’ series – a range of plays re-telling famous stories by our namesake, Charles Dickens!