Trotwood (3+)

Picture of Clock

The nursery day starts with the children self-registering by finding and posting their name in our interactive alphabet.

Next, the children are introduced to the activities available. The children are able to access all areas of the curriculum both outside and inside giving them plenty of choices to carry out their own investigations and follow their individual interests.


Before lunch, the children help to put resources away and set up the dinner tables.

We then have a lovely meal together with a calm family service where practitioners encourage the eating of new foods in a safe and friendly environment.

After lunch, the children have a rest with calming music in the background and then have a short carpet time involving singing and or a story.

Musical Notes

After carpet time all areas of the nursery are made accessible once more to allow children to access the spaces or resources they did not have time to access in the morning.

There are opportunities to have milk and fruit from ten in the morning and again in the afternoon.

The children then get together at the end of the day for a story before their goodbye.