About Tiny Tim (2+)

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Every child will be greeted by their keyworker at 8:45 am and choose an activity at which to settle before saying goodbye to their parent or carer.

Both the inside and outside provision are open from 8:45 am so children can choose where to settle.

All the areas of the curriculum are catered for both inside and outside with a strong emphasis on providing sensory experiences such as using cornflour gloop or making playdough.


At 11.15am resources are cleared away with children helping to clear and clean.

At 11.30am keyworkers gather their children for song and rhyme time. Lunch is set up at one end of the room for those staying for lunch at 12.00.

The children leaving at 12 choose one last activity which they resource and then put away with the help of their keyworker.

Musical Notes

The afternoon provision changes each day with different activities including free choice, cookery, gardening, music and movement and art.

There is an option to rest at 12.30 and an afternoon snack at 1.30

Before going home the children have singing and rhyme time at 2.45.

Children Playing in Water
Child with 'oops