• Challenge Partners

    As an outward-facing and self-improving school, we have taken part in peer review models to quality assure our work. We are part of two peer review frameworks – one led by London South Teaching School Alliance and one externally provided by Challenge Partners.

    Challenge Partners provides an annual school review. Each year we welcomed four reviewers; a lead reviewer who is Ofsted trained, two headteachers and a senior leader from other parts of the country. Our last review was in April. They looked at the strengths and areas for development of teaching and learning across the school, how well our pupils progress and how successful school improvement initiatives have been.

    The estimate of judgements were as follows:

    • School Improvement Strategies: ‘Outstanding’
    • Pupil Outcomes/Achievement: ‘Outstanding’
    • Quality of Teaching: ‘Outstanding’
    • Overall effectiveness including EYFS: ‘Outstanding’

    The reviewers spoke to children in lessons and the school council to get a pupil point of view. The reviewers were highly complimentary about the way our pupils spoke and described them as happy, confident and passionate about learning. Throughout the children articulated they felt valued and appreciated by the adults in a school community that cares about them. The report quotes one child in the school council saying

    “we talk about things that make the school better…that is called impact”.

    Click here to read it: Charles Dickens Challenge Partners Review March 2019