Headteacher: Michael Eggleton

Deputy Headteacher: David Windle

Head of Pastoral and Early Help: Aggie Mesmain
Assistant Headteacher (EYFS and Foundation stage): Daniela Jamois
Assistant Headteacher (English and WIder Opportunities): Nicola Jacobs
Assistant Headteacher (Maths and Assessment): Themis Bakas
Assistant Headteacher (Early Career Teachers and Staff Development): Gabi Spears
Assistant Headteacher (Special Educational Needs and Inclusion): Jay Capelan

Nursery room leads: Helen Harris (Trotwood) and Dini Beveridge (Tiny Tim)
Lead teacher: Daniela Jamois
Nursery EYEs: Denise Balderstone, Nahida Poly, Laura Wright, Viv Lambert, Charlene Gordon, Mona de Vroege, Sandra Gonzalez.

Year R: Daniela Jamois, Jo Gemmell, Charlotte Livett, Tanya Zandbergs
EYEs: Tracey Kyriacou and Arta Sopoti

Some children with special needs will have additional support from a teaching assistant.

This team includes: Julie McIver, Kimberley Harris, Linda Nash, Vera Jura, Nancy McDermott, Jeylan Hulus, Razna Ahad.

Year 1: Ursula Carver (Year Leader), Robert Paul, Kiran Khan, Mariyam Shafia
Year 2: Fathima Fareeda (Year Leader), Holly Thomas, Leon Li, Freddy Vanson
Year 3: Amy Smith (Year Leader), Lucia Narvaez, Elinor Layne
Year 4: Gabi Spears (Year Leader), Dan Huxley, Xhesi Jura
Year 5: Adam Smith (Year Leader), Stella Dunn, Janine Fraser, Freddy Vanson
Year 6: Nicola Jacobs (Year Leader), Louise Worley, Themis Bakas

Inclusion and Family Team

SENCo: Jay Capelan
SEND HUB Leaders: Mari Pasantes, Robert Paul
Specialist support: Mari Pasantes, John Harris
Early Reading and Phonics: Mariyam Shafia
Maths support and stretch: Linda Taylor
Early Help Manager: Aggie Mesmain
Pupil Administration, Early Help and Attendance: Diane Keefe
Learning Mentor and Head of PE: Oliver Hunt
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Lead: Freddy Vanson

Specialist Teachers

Art Teacher: Amy Mulvenna
Maths Teacher: Linda Taylor
Music Teacher: Tama Nathan
PE Teacher: Oliver Hunt
Designer: Tom Young

Visiting Teachers and Coaches

Karate: Michael Jacques
Street Dance: Sarah Jane Sion
Gymnastics coach: Lenny
Dance Teacher: Delene Gordon
Guitar Teacher: Nat Keen
Guitar Teacher: Barney Keen
Piano Teacher: Wendy Pearce
Piano Teacher: Taylor Stanford
Piano Teacher: Katie Duncan
Violin Teacher: Barbra Bartz

London South Teaching School Hub

Teaching School Director: Sarah Botchway
Deputy Teaching School Director: Emily Crow
Teaching School Hub Programme Manager: Kate McCole
Teaching School Alliance Administrator: Esme Gleeson
Marketing Assistant: Huw Siddle

Business, Premises and Finance Team

Front Officer Manager: Maria Faherty
Business Administration: Sheila Thomas
Premises Manager: Mark Ellen
Premises Officer: Ayo Adetunji
Cleaner: Noura Souami