Early Year's Art


Super-Veg The Movie

Using our 3D skills children in Trotwood were invited with to make their own superheroes out of vegetables. Working alongside our Artist-in-Residence we directed and characterised this stop-motion animation. Using our imagination we thought about what our superheroes would say, what their special powers would be and how they could interact with other superheroes. With this in mind we created a story and presented it for our class assembly.

On Our Island

Learning about journeys in reception classes Little Dorrit and Gargery, we created this short film called a cut-out animation which helped us to develop our drawing and cutting skills. Inspired by views from the sky we were invited to imagine we had landed by parachute on the island, creating palaces, mountains, forests and many other things. The following week we then thought about how we would like to move around the island. Taking pictures each time we moved our vehicles, we talked about how we could work together to make the film and how we might share the island.

Our Space

To end the term in style we created a large scale collective artwork, is it a boat, a swimming pool, your room or something else? Not only demonstrating how we can use paint and colours, it also challenged us to explore the space, to test and resolve the strength and texture of the paper and how to be involved even if we’re not painting ourselves. Communicating has an important role in art, asking questions and being critical are all part of our artistic learning at Charles Dickens.